Love Compatibility Analysis Using Numerology

Love compatibility analysis using numerology is a great way to stop the endless searching for the PERFECT mate. There are a thousand and one ways and places to meet someone – at work, through the internet, blind dates, friends of friends, dating friends and random meetings in mundane places like grocery stores and elevators. Some of these opportunities could have a much greater success rate if the compatibility factors of a person are understood. You need to know what you are looking for beyond “a nice person” or a “pretty eyes”. A love compatibility analysis will help to find your absolute soul mate, identifying ideal qualities and characteristics that match your own.

Numerology is the alternative science of utilizing the numeric values associated with your name or birth date or both in order to help define the characteristics of your personality. By calculating your numeric value, you will find some characteristics intrinsically associated with the numerology charts and can in the end best find a love match according to your needs, interests and desires. In order to calculate your numerology numbers, you begin by adding the digits of your birthday until you arrive at a single digit. For example, a March 12th, 1977 birthday translates to 3/12/1977 in numeric form. By adding the 3 to the 1 and then to the 2, you arrive at 6. You then add 6 to 1977 and will arrive at 1983. You then add up the digits of 1983 and you will arrive at 21 and then at 3 once you add the 2 and the 1.

With love compatibility analysis using numerology, a number 1 typically represents leadership in a relationship. If you are aware that you are a one, you may be able to focus more closely on more compatible numbers such as a number 6 who typically is compassionate and caring and doesn’t mind someone leading the way. Matching a number 1 with a number 9 can be a difficult road with the headstrong attitude of a one and the elevated, people first motives of a number 9. By using compatibility analysis to find love, you are taking some of the guess work out of your search and also finding out more about yourself along the way.

Some of the best matches in numerology is thought to be two number 4’s thanks to their strong foundation, a number 4 and a 7 as well as number 5’s paired with an 8. Number 6’s are often strongly matched with 8’s but are most poorly matched with a 7 thanks to the inability to compromise. Two number 7’s together can be a recipe for disaster with a pre-disposition for insisting on being different. A number 7 and a number 9 can be a really great match however. A number 9 is also a great match for an 8, with spirit and freedom in abundance. And ultimately lucky are two number 9’s who typically tune in to the deep emotions of each other.