Numerology and the Australian Election

The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently announced a new date for the federal election – September 7th, 2013. What insights can numerology offer about this date?

Numerology is a practice that has been around for over 2500 years. It was a concept originally developed by famed mathematician Pythagoras. In numerology every number vibrates at a different frequency. This makes each number more suitable for some activities than others.

Let’s start by looking the energy of the date – September 7th, 2013. The overall energy of that particular day is four (universally). This is found by adding the calendar day to the universal month and reducing the numbers to a single digit. What’s interesting about this four day is that it’s 13/4 day, which is a karmic debt number.

Karmic debts are additional burdens people take on to repay a past debt by learning a necessary lesson. In the case of the 13/4 the additional burden relates to overcoming laziness through discipline.

From that point of view it’s a good chance for all of the political candidates running to put in the hard work to maintain order and follow the rules, which is what the four energy asks. They can do this by:

1. Being organized and disciplined

2. Paying attention to details

3. Showing us how they plan to build solid foundations for our future

This will not be an easy election. There will be struggles and extra work involved for everyone, with no easy shortcuts on offer. Any person or party that looks for the “quick fix” or the easy way out will be unsuccessful.

Australia has reached a point now where we want to continue to grow and develop as a nation. We’re looking for someone who can step up and be the leader who will fix what’s no longer working and improve upon what it.

The 13/4 energy of this election means that politicians will no longer be able to get away with making ridiculous unfounded promises they can’t back up. The Australian public will see through any hype to the substance and truth beneath. As a result the trust, rapport and believability of each party leader or independent candidate will play a big part.

This is where the six energy of both the year and the month of September will have an impact. The energy of the six is about nurturing and stepping up to take responsibility for the family, which in the case of federal politics, is the Australian people.

The six energy brings with it a strong sense of duty, and is a good number for business. This bodes well for the continued economic growth of Australia. Six is also a good month and year for tending to matters around the home (Australia).

According to a many political experts, the main issues that will determine the outcome of this election are:

• Asylum seekers

• Climate change

• Cost of Living (including carbon tax)

• Infrastructure (such as the broadband network, roads etc.)

• Healthcare

• Education

These issues all involve taking responsibility for fixing the things that are no longer working and expanding on the ones that are. This is how our standard of living will improve to make Australia a better place to live.

Another issue that may prove to play a role in the outcome of this election is that of same sex marriages. Marriage and divorce (as we saw in the case of the leadership spill earlier this year in June) are also associated with the six energy. It’s no surprise then that this issue is on the cards in a six year.

Taking all of this into account I believe the 7th September, 2013 is not the best date Kevin Rudd could’ve chosen for a federal election. Numerologically speaking, the 14th September, 2013 would’ve been a better choice.

However all is not lost. The winner will be whoever does the best job of proving they have realistic (and fundable) solutions for the issues that matter the most to the Australian public.

The lesson for this election is about who is willing to work the hardest for all Australians without taking costly shortcuts to build a strong foundation for our future.