What Are Compatibility Horoscopes?

You may or may not have heard of numerology but it’s quickly becoming popular among spiritual seekers and curious minds alike. It’s been around for hundreds of years and is deeply rooted in mathematics and astrology. In fact many have even regarded it as a science because of its amazing ability to give accurate readings on people and predict different aspects of their life and relationships. One aspect of numerology that’s becoming extremely popular is compatibility horoscopes.

A compatibility horoscope is basically an assessment of the potential between yourself and your partner. You may think that it’s just a guess but I think you’d be extremely surprised to see just how accurate it can be. A numerological compatibility horoscope is calculated by comparing numbers found within your birthday, birth name, place of birth, and perhaps a few other categories. Its main basis is that people of certain numbers, for example a life path of 4, have traits and mind sets common to most other 4’s.

As more data is collected an accurate comparison is able to be calculated between your numbers and your partner’s numbers. The results will reveal how compatible the two of you are based on attributes that each of you likely possess whether conscious of them or not. I took a life path test, which is found by summing the numbers of your birthday together and I found it to be extremely accurate, almost eerily accurate. The compatibility horoscopes are no different; they’ll definitely surprise you with just how precise they can be. If you’re looking to have one done then I would suggest checking out a site called numerologist.com. There you can get a free reading and I have no doubt that it will instantly make you a believer in the science of numerology.