Thumb Reading

The thump reading is an important segment of palmistry. Palmists determine a lot regarding the thinking ability and the mental power of an individual by reading his or her palm. A considerable part of the brain controls the movement of the thump. So, the thumb movements are influenced by the thought process of the individual. The following are some thumb reading tips to determine the psychological trait of a person.

o At a particular situation if you find a narrow gap between the thumb and the other fingers, you should know that the individual is thinking very deeply before performing an action.

o A medium sized gap between the thumb and the rest of the fingers would indicate that the person is in the process of balanced thinking and is willing to take up challenges if needed.

o A wide gap would suggest that the person is enthusiastic about performing the task and is confident in executing it efficiently.

In fact, many people in order to increase their self confidence wear a thumb ring. A thumb ring would help to form a wide gap in between the thumb and the other fingers. The following are some indications of the personality of an individual based on the appearance of the thumb.

o The angle between the thumb and the other fingers of the hand is known as the angle of generosity. The wider the angle the more generous in nature is the person. A narrow angle of generosity would indicate that the person is conservative in nature and is very calculative in dealing with monetary aspects.

o If the thumb can easily hide in the palm, it indicates that the person is fearful and apprehensive in executing a job.

o If the top part of the thumb can bend to a great extent, it shows that the person can easily blend with the changing environment.

o A highly mobile thumb indicates the will to adapt to changes if required.

o A thin and flat top segment of the thumb indicates weak will power, self-centeredness and aggressive attitude.

o If the middle part is heavy and seemed to be full it means that the person is slightly of dominating nature.

o If the bottom segment is developed compared to the rest of the segments of the thumb, it shows that the person works according to the directions of the heart rather than logic.

The thumbs having a clubbed appearance show that the individual is prone to committing heinous crimes like murder. They are of animalistic nature with respect to their thought process.