Tarot Readings With The Magician

The Magician is usually described as the first card in the Major Arcana. Some tarot readings enthusiasts use The Fool as the first card in the deck as its number is ‘0’. For the purposes of this article I’ll set The Magician to the first place in the Major Arcana.

The Magician consequently is numbered ‘1’, which in numerology means that a situation is about to start or is in the beginning stages.

Meaning in Tarot Readings

The Magician holds vast power. He can make his own dreams come true through activity and effort. The Magician stands ‘to act, do and go forth’. When this card pops up in a tarot reading you may be about to begin something new or are working towards a change.

The Magician is a creator, working to bring forth new accomplishments from the ether. He uses his power to create, invent or construct.

In addition, The Magician is eternal. Often you’ll see one of the symbols for eternity in the card image with a snake devouring itself and the infinity sign which looks something like a figure eight. The projects or changes that are symbolized by The Magician are likely to live for a long period of time.

Description of the Card

In Tarot Readings, The Magician is often shown standing before a table or desk. He may have an arm raised above his head. This shows us that he is a conduit between the different powers of heaven and earth, that he utilizes both in his creations.

You may also see the infinity sign over his head and have the snake devouring itself around his waist as a kind of belt.

On the table before The Magician you’ll see four symbols of the different elements and suits of the Tarot deck. There will be a cup for water, sword for air, wand for fire and pentacle for earth as The Magician utilizes the powers off all the elements for harmony.

The Magician also holds a wand wish shows us who he is in the place of things. This person is the wizard, mage, Magician and holds the keys to all kinds of wonderful magic.

Over all this is a wonderful card to get in your reading. It indicates that you have the power to finish your major creative projects and that they will thrive in the long term.

Special Advice: When this card shows up in tarot readings you are at the beginning of your journey. Make sure you keep the big picture in mind and have faith that your path will be fruitful.