Election 2008 – McCain and Obama Through Handwriting Analysis and Astrology

In response to the requests we’ve had about our professional view of the candidates for the 2008 U.S. presidential election, we offer the results of our analyses below.

As for Senator John McCain, if we only recognized the virtues of his personality, we would list the following: very constructively methodical; puts things in simple terms; strong intelligence; versatile; very efficient; organized; objective, strong common sense; practical; able to see the core issues; very good problem-solving skills; resourceful; cuts to the chase; healthy rebelliousness; strong intellect; thoughtful of others; healthy amount of contemplation; and very logical.

Examining further, listing exclusively the negatives, we find the following through Senator McCain’s handwriting: appears somewhat unemotional, but is incredibly sensitive and possesses a somewhat high-strung, nervous energy; emotional repression; sometimes too detached on a personal level; overly emotionally controlled; distances self from emotions; excessive need for approval; like Senator Obama, he has a tendency to avoid squarely facing his mistakes so it takes a little longer to learn from them (perhaps a common trait of politicians); to a minor extent he has a “do as I say, not as I do” disposition; overly controlled behavior; a bit too self-protective, and he has an above average need for freedom, which may not necessarily be a negative.

In applying our Reliability and Confidentiality Evaluation to the candidates, the edge goes to Senator McCain in the overall assessment, as he scores slightly better than Senator Obama.

Senators Obama and McCain both have reasonably consistent personalities, solid organizational skills, good negotiation skills, and plenty of courage to get out in the world, live their lives, and strive for goals. Both are fit to politically lead, and neither is a security risk to this nation. In our view, it comes down to which candidate’s policies you favor.

Senator McCain has an enormous amount of emotional sensitivity and we surmise it’s tough to handle at times, perhaps manifesting in occasional fits of petulance, though not so much that it is a major concern or national security risk. The charts also indicate he has a lot of energy that is representative of a kind of agent of change, an other-worldly civil servant, one who is largely a peacemaker and collaborator, and he’s being compelled to make an impact in a more substantial leadership position at this later stage of his life. He is surprisingly progressive according to the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts.

Senator Obama also possesses a unique type of non-mundane personal energy that outlines him as a symbol of unity for the human race. His role in this lifetime is very special from a spiritual perspective, similar to that of Oprah or Angelina Jolie.

However, the aforementioned spiritual reasons for Senator Obama’s popularity outweigh his chances, based on what we perceive, of actually winning the 2008 presidential election.

Whether he wins or not, he’ll still be fulfilling his purpose and it’s also his destiny and good karma to gain very substantially financially. He offers a firm sense of stability to those around him, and is good at opposing others’ initiatives and extremely resistant to change on a personal level.

Copyright (c) Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo