My Life Purpose?

Finding your Purpose is definitely not enough to change your life because knowing your Purpose in life is just one of many factors that plays a key role in knowing who you really are. This article explains how to cut through the chase to not only find your “Purpose” but discover who you are. If that sounds like information you choose to know more about or to share with others, please read on.

“What is Necessary to Change a Person is to Change His Awareness of Himself”

−Abraham H. Maslow

Today more than ever, the search is on to discover your Purpose in life as the world spins out of control and the financial crisis worsens. Most everyone appears to be going through some sort of transition whether it be a health issue, financial loss, career change, relationship challenge or personal issues. These crises tend to push people to their limit.

Life as many of us knew it will never be the same again, including those individuals who once thought they had secure jobs. What we have to deal with now is the reality of understanding who we really are and how we are wired, so to speak, so that we can move forward in a positive new direction, re-educate ourselves, transition to a higher spiritual level, make new choices, and become more secure in our own right.

Most practitioners teach that if you find your Primary Purpose, your worries are over, and you will be able to transition into what you are passionate about. Problem solved! However, the solutions offered on the market today are not taking into consideration that your Purpose is just one of nine components in your blueprint. Discovering one out of nine will not be the cure-all for changing your life or becoming successful, healthy or happy. It just doesn’t work that way. Discovering your Purpose is not the “key” to your success; it has never been nor will it ever be.

So How Do We Accomplish This Task of Discovery? Knowledge is Power!

It all starts with “YOU!” The secret to your success in life boils down to FIRST knowing who you are and how you are wired. When you intellectually understand your personal characteristics and traits, development, strengths and weaknesses and how all of your components work or don’t work well together (aggressive vs. non-aggressive), then you are more apt to make better choices in life. This knowledge will enable you to see the bigger picture of who you are to better understand your behavior patterns and why you react the way you do.

There are many coaches who claim their resource tools can provide the type of personal growth information needed, along with their products such as customized programs, books, CDs and courses that are a complete end-to-end solution in providing the necessary tools for an individual to take charge of his or her life. However, most of these resources are expensive and require a series of weeks that just scratch the surface of the pain this person has experienced in this lifetime. Unfortunately, these resources never actually touch on the personal characteristics of the individual or what’s actually holding that individual back. And this occurs largely because these practitioners do not have a reliable system that allows them to make a credible analysis of these personal characteristics, upon which a plan and choices can be made.

Two personal assessment tools, the Basic and Essence Numerology Master Charts deliver immediate, laser-focused, and tailor-made insight, clarity and understanding into key areas of strength and personal change “from the inside-out.” These assessment tools help each individual to fully understand who they are. Numerolog is a tool used to decipher an individual’s “code” that covers all aspects of their personal life by generating blueprints for each individual as noted below.

The Basic Chart Reveals:

* Destiny

* Soul/Heart’s Desire (Emotional)

* Personality

* Purpose

* Life Goal

* Strengths and Weaknesses

* Challenge Areas

* Open Door Opportunities

* Soul Qualities (Lessons to be learned in life)

The Essence Chart is a holistic look of your entire life and tracks you emotionally and physically from Age “1″ to your “Current” Age plus “5″ Years into the future. The reading of these two charts in one consultation in less than two hours will enable you to thoroughly understand who you are. You will be armed with the information that can change your life so you can move forward-provided your Desire to bring about change outweighs your Fears.

These personal assessment tools are an investment in yourself, and those who are willing to make that investment will travel much further in life than those who prefer taking no action at all.

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