Birth Number Nine and Your Previous Life

For those born on the 9th, 18th, 27th of any month

In this life (the one you’re living now) some of your Personality Traits are: Intuitive, perceptive, inspirational, jealous, resourceful, impatient, assertive, courageous, bold and somewhat foolhardy. Your Best Day: Tuesday is the day to meditate or plan your actions for your number. Lucky Colours: Red, crimson and rose tones. A brief profile won’t go astray for you have an affinity with people born in the astrological signs of Aries and Scorpio, no matter what their year of birth. When you meet anyone born in these signs, be aware that some contact is being made with a life previous to this one and these signs will bring some strange thoughts, memories, emotions and feelings to the surface of your mind.

This life (the one you’re living now) will appear to be somewhat ‘larger than life’ to those around you for you possess knowledge and wisdom and have returned to teach what you know! A born organiser and natural leader – fighter at heart. Resourceful, yet impatient and if your expectations are not met immediately where then become self destructive!

This is the final Birth Number (check out the previous ones 1-8) and you’ll notice I am using the technique of having a dinner party conversations to get our heads around the concept of having lived before and having returned for a reason. No matter whether you believe in past lives or not the age old question of which came first “the chicken or the egg” still fascinates even the most educated mind. If Birth Number Nine is your number it’s likely you’ll have explored many esoteric subjects or, have been sceptical of them, no matter you possess a KNOWLEDGE from somewhere (no matter what your age) and need to pass it on – a born teacher.

Okay, let’s get back to our dinner party conversations and you have a male guest born on the 9th of December – he’s arrived early and won’t be leaving in a hurry so give him something to do. Your quests arrive and one of them (another early arrival) is a female born on the 12th of April. Now it becomes interesting for anyone born to Birth Number Nine has a past life connection to Aries and those born to Birth Number Three (12th) have a past life connection to Sagittarius (see a previous article). They strike up a conversation and it’s pretty heated for this is an intimate connection!

The male Sagittarian was male in his previous life and the female Aries was also a male in another life yet, this is an intimate connection – how intimate? Could they have been brothers, father and son or – lovers! The possibilities are endless for in the study of Astrology and Numerology there’s a overlap – the two philosophies don’t exist in isolation for you calculate with Astrology without numbers and you cannot understand Numerology without and understanding of the planets.

In our example the connection between the two places the sign of Sagittarius to Birth Number Three and the Birth Number 9 of our Sagittarius to the sign Aries. Conversely Birth Number Three connects with the sign Sagittarius and the sign of Aries to Birth Number Nine. So, for those who have an understanding of Astrology, Numerology, the signs and planets you’ll be able to figure it out and when you do, you’ll have a lot of fun at your next dinner party.

Until next time…