Why the Mentalist Star Struck Gold

A friend forwarded me an article on Australian actor Simon Baker – star of the popular series ‘The Mentalist.’ He’s had a few name changes in his life, due to his parents’ divorce and mother’s remarriage. Baker says he didn’t know his real name for 30 years. Luckily for him, once he found it, he struck gold.

Simon was only two when his mom re-married. His step dad changed his name to ‘Simon Denny.’ It’s a 40/4 name – resonating to genius, retrospection and a mental superiority over others. You’re probably thinking that’s a good fit for the star of ‘The Mentalist.’

Not quite. Current names that reduce to 4 are more challenging, especially when you have another prominent 4 or 8 in your birthday. Simon does. His Life Purpose is 35/8.

So with his ‘Simon Denny’ name he would have had some unnecessary obstacles. He actually says, ‘It took me 30 years to realize who I really was. It was very frustrating fro me.’ He continues explaining the process of ‘letting go of a lot of emotional baggage and guilt.’

When you combine a 4 or 8 current name with another prominent 4 or 8 in your birthday numbers, this kind of reaction is common.

After he had his first baby, Simon found his birth father and wanted his child to grow up with the name Baker. So he changed his name to ‘Simon Baker-Denny.’ This name didn’t help him either. It adds up to the difficult 52/7.

Then came an ’emotional hangover’ with his stepdad. The result – he recently changed his name to simply ‘Simon Baker.’

And that’s precisely when his life and career took off.

‘Simon Baker’ is a hugely fortunate 32/5 current name. It has the magical power to sway masses of people. It gives him help from people in high positions. Additionally – and this is great for any performer – 32 imbues him with a natural ability to charm others with his magnetic presence and speech. No wonder the ancients referred to it as ‘The Politician’s Number.’

5 also ties in with all things related to media. It was a powerful and auspicious move for Simon Baker, now star of CBS’ ‘The Mentalist.’

The series debuted on September 23 last year. Notice the connection between the 23/5 Day and his 32/5 current name.

Numbers resonate just like musical notes do. Play one note and it will trigger the same note on any other instrument in the same room. In the same way, when one of your important numbers is activated – in your address, phone number, another person, and calendar dates – it triggers the meaning of that vibration inside of you.

Be sure the name you are using right now is supporting you – not creating unnecessary challenges for you. That way you’re much more likely to hit a home run – like Simon Baker.

Or Madonna. Madonna used to be named Madonna Ciccone. She lost her mom at a young age and arrived in New York City penniless. No wonder, her name at the time added up to one of the most unfortunate vibrations.

A miracle happened once she dropped Ciccone. Without knowing it, Madonna reversed her bad luck and claimed a name whose number is one of the most fortunate you can have.

In fact this number, 27, demands that you carry out your own original ideas and goals and not be intimidated or influenced by opinions, which differ from yours. That’s precisely what Madonna did. She’s never looked back.

These two stars prove that numbers are law. They don’t lie. Numbers are active whether you know it or not. Makes sure you’re being helped, not hindered, by the name you’re using right now.